Western Slope advocacy group wants attention from Colorado legislature

Silt sits on the Western Slope, which the regional advocacy group Club 20 hopes the Colorado legislature will pay more attention to.

Club 20, a Western Slope advocacy group, is pushing the state legislature to address a region that it argues the recovery is increasingly leaving behind.

“As we look at our economy, we don’t have as many of the drivers as in the east,” said Club 20 chairman Steve Reynolds on Friday.

Mines are closing, drilling rigs have shifted their focus elsewhere, and home construction remains hobbled. And while tourism has rebounded, Reynolds said the industry’s wages per worker are a fraction of those in natural resources and construction.

Unlike the state’s northeastern counties, which threatened secession over such cultural issues as gun control and civil unions for gays, western

Article source: http://www.denverpost.com/business/ci_25038690/w-slope-advocacy-group-wants-attention-from-state

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